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My studies included Unitec Performing Arts School in Auckland majoring in Contemporary Dance, Directing and Writing at South Seas Film & Television School, Performative Arts and Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and finally a Post Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Dance and Technology at Unitec Auckland. In March this year I completed my post-graduate diploma with a Secondment at Chunky Move during the making of ‘Connected’.

I began freelance choreographic work in Vienna working with K&D/Tosca’s composer and producer, Rupert Huber, making live sound, painting and dance works at the Kunsthalle Project Space in Karlsplatz. My next collaborative work was with Martin Rille a sound and installation artist/engineer in the creation of a contact based dance using innovative audio technology on clothing. I went on to produce my first full length work at the Odeon Theater collaborating with singer and composer, Natalie Jean Marain, on an original modern fable entitled ‘The Beggar and the Bird’. In 2009 I choreographed and performed for Vienna ‘Stadtfest’ a festival outside the Hapsburg palace and a site specific work using untrained dancers for the ‘City Festwochen’ festival. In the same year I reconnected with sound designer, Martin Rille, to choreograph for his work in the Vienna Art Biennale.

Since returning to New Zealand, I have choreographed and performed on the British Council work ‘People In Your Neighbourhood’ and choreographed for Redken’s 50th Birthday Show. Having performed a solo with Sweaty Hearts Productions in Auckland called ‘Joan of Hearts’, I am currently working on the dance show for New Zealand Fashion Week and creating the dance film, ‘Human Traffic’ with Gareth Moon.